Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What is Copyrightyourmind?

What is Copyrightyourmind?

Copyrightyourmind is about Taking Back Control and Ownership of your Mind, Life, and Destiny. It's the dawn of a New Day. Where human beings start becoming more Aware and Enlightened of whom and what they really are.

It's also a Brand, Mission, Statement, and Challenge.

1. Brand: Copyrightyourmind is a Special and Unique Worldwide Phenomenal Brand. It’s a Name that is Different and thought-provoking; interesting in all of its Glory. It’s a Brand that promotes Change, Power, and Control.

2. Mission: To Inspire and Empower individuals to become Confident, Powerful, and Courageous. To Command Respect from self and others. To be the Master of your Decisions, Life, and Outcomes. And to put you in the Driver's seat so you can have control of the journey.

3. Statement: In that the individual should no longer be a victim of life, the result of effects, others doings, thoughts, and decisions. Copyrightyourmind wants you to be front and center of your world.

4. Challenge: Copyrightyourmind challenges you to Think, Act, and Be different. It dears you to be the change that you want to see in this world. Copyrightyourmind challenges you to make Real Positive changes in your Life, Others' Lives, and in the World.


98% Percentage of Human Beings on this planet are not in control of their lives. They are dominated by the Mind, its ego and the five senses (See, touch, feel, smell, and hear). These are the elements that drive their lives, and to which they relate their perceptions of reality and life.

The other 2% are the ones who are in Control and have Power. They have Power and Control over others and the World, because they first have full control of themselves. You have to know and understand yourself first before you can know and understand others and the world.

You have the Power and Tools that you can use and Leverage to Achieve, Attain, and Attract all that you desire: Wealth, Success, Fame, Love, Happiness, Opportunities, Friends, Better Health, Peace, Prosperity and much more.

Everything your heart desires and could ever want can be yours. But the first step is getting to know Copyrightyourmind and putting it to full use. Begin at http://www.Copyrightyourmind.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thinking BIG: Secret to Success, Wealth, and Power

No one ever achieve any real success in his/her life
by thinking small. Thinking small does not bring
out your creative juices and set your mind in motion.

On the other hand, thinking big, real big, triggers
the mind to take immediate action and bring about
real and practical solutions to your desires.

Make it a new resolution to think big. Think big with
love, having more friends, getting more opportunities,
becoming healthier, providing better services thus
to make more money in life.

Copyrightyourmind challenges you to think big and
take charge of your life and outcomes. Nothing is
by chance, everything happens for a reason. You
are that reason. How big will you start thinking this